About Suzanne Arms ~

For more than three decades, Suzanne Arms has been a household name and a much-loved author and speaker on the subject of birth and its impact on family, community, society and all of our lives.
Author of seven groundbreaking books on health,  pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, bonding and adoption, Arms is most known for her books Immaculate Deception: A New Look at Women & Childbirth (published in 1975), which catapulted her into renown and was named a “Best Book of the Year” by the New York Times…and Immaculate Deception II: Myth, Magic & Birth the all-new sequel, published in 1997.

Suzanne Arms is considered by many to be the “grandmother” of the birthing movement in this country. She created and taught the first course on the evolution of childbirth practices. She co-founded The Birth Place, the first resource center for pregnancy, birth and new parenting and one of the first independent birthing centers in the U.S. Located in the shadow of Stanford Medical Center, The Birth Place was where formal training of doulas began in the U.S., following up on the pioneering work of labor “monitrices” in the 1960s.

Arms was the first person to dare to sneak into American hospitals and record in interviews and stunning photographs what was going on behind the closed doors of labor and delivery units.

She is a practical visionary for transforming the care of mothers and babies from pre-conception to the first birthday, the time known as “the primal period.” She has inspired many men and women to become physicians and nurses of a different sort, ones who practice holistic care with an understanding of the emotional, social, sexual and spiritual dimensions of birth. And she is a walking resource center.

Her video Giving Birth: Challenges & Choices has been used extensively by birth educators, progressive hospitals and university women’s studies programs since it was made in 1999. It has changed the choices tens of thousands of women and men have made about how, where and with whom to bring their baby into the world.

Suzanne Arms founded Birthing The Future®, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Currently, she is working on a television series, “Being Born.”

Suzanne’s work promotes a blend of ancient feminine wisdom, traditional practices, biological evidence and leading-edge science. She lives near Durango, Colorado and works with the help of volunteer interns from across North America.